Black Grace Workshop

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Black Grace are holding dance workshops next Monday and I know students aren’t going to want to miss this opportunity.
Black Grace Dance Workshop @ Nayland College Performance Arts Centre (pac) North driveway off Nayland Road, Stoke
$15 each – bring cash with you to workshop.
3.30 – 5pm Grade 6 – Intermediate Ballet/Grade 5 Modern level
5.30 – 7pm – Advanced 1 and 2 level
Only 30 spaces in each workshop and it is open to all Nelson dance students!! You must register to get a space in the workshop. Register by putting your name down on the list that will be in your dressing room at the Theatre or contact Jane ASAP. See Jane if you have any questions.

Tutu-clad dads ‘beautiful’

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Dazzling dads prepare for ballet debut

FOCUSED ON MOVES: Fathers of Wakatu Dance Theatre dancers rehearse in their custom-made tutus, for the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite in the Kaleidoscope of Colour show at the Theatre Royal.
FOCUSED ON MOVES: Fathers of Wakatu Dance Theatre dancers rehearse in their custom-made tutus, for the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite in the Kaleidoscope of Colour show at the Theatre Royal.

Dads in tights, tutus and dyed undies are to come under the spotlight in an upcoming show at the Theatre Royal.

Kaleidoscope of Colour by Wakatu Dance Theatre will showcase classical ballet, modern jazz and contemporary dance in a choreographed and brightly-costumed show.

It will feature 130 students, from under-10s to the school’s more senior dancers, and some of their fathers – in tutus.

About a dozen dads will perform the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite in custom-made outfits.

Peta Spooner, who choreographed the three-minute piece, said including the men was a tradition of the school that started in 1987.

They performed either the Nutcracker piece or one from Swan Lake. It was a way of having “total involvement”, rather than just leaving them to pay the bills.

One of the male dancers in this year’s show is a student’s grandfather, an original “swan” from more than 20 years ago.

The men appeared in costume for a dress rehearsal at the Theatre Royal last night after only three prior practices.

Ms Spooner said she was looking for cohesiveness, rather than perfection.

It was difficult to get leotards for men, so they wore tights and colourful dyed singlets and undies under their tutus instead.

“They look quite beautiful really,” she said.

Wakatu Dance Theatre committee member Christie Vining, who helped design the costumes, said they were a “brave bunch of guys”.

“They have picked up the whole dance routine in a very short space of time. They’re very co-ordinated and they’re taking it very seriously. Their headgear is the highlight – they’re made up of flowers. They look wonderful,” she said.

Lindsay Malpas, who works in the construction industry and whose 14-year old daughter, Hannah, goes to Wakatu Dance Theatre, is one of the swans.

It is old hat for him though, because he did it last year.

“It’s completely by choice. It’s a lot of fun. I suppose we take it a little bit seriously. We don’t want to muck up too much. We’re not going to be perfect and synchronised and all the rest of it, but it will be great and the audience have a good laugh. We’re laughing on the inside, but we have to put on a serious face. Most of us are concentrating on what we’re doing,” he said.


  • Kaleidoscope of Colour, Wakatu Dance Theatre, Theatre Royal, 7pm tomorrow to Saturday with a 1.30pm matinee on Saturday.

Source: Nelson Mail

Dance Show Update

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Hi everybody, just wanted to make quick mention of a few things:

1.  Show Party – we are in desperate need of help to organise set up and clean up at the Studio on Saturday during the matinee performance.  All dancers will come back around 3pm and bring a plate to share.  If you can help please email Christie ASAP.
2.  Flowers for Teachers – There will be a collection box at the sign in desk back stage at the Theatre.  A donation of $2 – $5 would be gratefully accepted to contribute to flowers for each of our wonderful teachers who have put in so much time and effort to make this Show possible.
3.  Cafe Affair (After Final Show) – All welcome to meet at Cafe Affair after the final Show on Saturday night for a well deserved drink and catch up.
Thanks again everybody. Regards, Christie Vining

Tutus for all – dads, too

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Kaleidoscope of Colour is a family affair

SPLASH OF COLOUR: Alex Wilson, 17, left, Cherry Moore, 7, and Georgie Marriott, 12.

Nearly everyone from the Wakatu Dance Theatre is involved in the school’s latest show, even the dancers’ fathers – in tutus.

Kaleidoscope of Colour, directed by Peta Spooner, is the dance school’s annual showcase.

The soundtrack includes suitably-named songs like Green Door, Purple Rain, White Wedding, Yellow and Black Box.

Kaleidoscope of Colour will showcase classical ballet, modern jazz and contemporary dance styles in a choreographed and brightly-costumed show.

It will feature 130 students, from the “cute” under-10s to the school’s more senior dancers.

Spooner says that while everyone’s role is important, the senior students are the “glue” that hold the show together.

There’s a gender imbalance, with only two junior boys and one senior, but the dancers’ fathers will shift the gender scales slightly.

More than 12 of them are training to perform the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker Suite in custom-made tutus.

Spooner says including the men is a tradition of the school that goes back more than 20 years.

They perform to either the Nutcracker piece or a piece from Swan Lake as a way of participating in something that’s usually mainly women-orientated.

“It’s really nice, because it’s total involvement. Normally dads just pay the bills,” she says.

There was a 10-year hiatus at one stage, but “we have brought it back because we have got a new round of men to pick on”.

One of the male dancers is a student’s grandfather, an original “swan” from more than 20 years ago.

  • Kaleidoscope of Colour, The Peta Spooner Academy of Dance, Theatre Royal, 7pm July 19 to 21 with a 1.30pm matinee on July 21.

Source Nelson Mail:

Holiday Workshops

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Attention Grade 5 Modern, Grade 6 Ballet, and Intermediate – Advanced 2 Modern and Ballet students

Contemporary workshop with past student Alice Macann from Footnote Dance
Monday 2nd July: 9.30am – 1.30pm
Studio One
Arrive from 9am to warm-up.
Bring water bottles, healthy snacks and something for lunch as there will be a short lunch break.
$12 each. Bring cash with you please

Attention all students in Courtney Page’s Hip Hop Piece
Hip Hop Workshop with Shenoa and completion of Courtney’s dance
Tuesday 3rd July: 5.30 – 7pm
All students wishing to be in this dance must attend

Jane – Bride of the Year

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Come and support our Jane in The Bride of the Year!

We have talked Jane into entering Bride of the Year and now we want to get as many people as possible to come along and support her. It will be a wonderful evening of entertainment watching beautiful brides, enjoying live music and taking part in auctions and raffles. Lots of spot prizes and of course it is all for the best cause – all proceeds go to the Nelson Regional Hospice. Tickets are $30 and include canapes, tea and coffee. A bar will be open at the event. Bring coins or notes along to vote for your favourite bride. Tickets may be purchased from Prices Pharmacy, Queen Street Pharmacy, Wakefield Pharmacy, and Astrolab Fashions in Motueka. Tickets go on sale this Friday – limited seats so get in quick!

Show Update

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Hi everybody,
To follow are a few notices regarding the Show.  Please read carefully.  Any queries please email or phone either Peta or Jane:

Registration – Reminder that cut off for Show registration is this  Wednesday 20th June!  Registration will only be accepted with payment.
Tickets – tickets are now on sale at The Theatre Royal and online at Ticket Direct through The Theatre Royal website.  Please note additional fee if purchasing online.  The Theatre box office is open daily from 9-5.30pm.
Expressions of Interest – Calling all men for Waltz of the Flowers!  Please feel free to nominate anyone you think is interested in having some fun and getting involved.
Uniform Orders – Marie will be at the Studio this Sunday morning (24th June) 10-12 for second hand shoe sales and leotards, tights and jazz shoes etc.  NB:  This will be the final order before the show!!!!!  Sonia will be at the Studio on Friday 29th June 4-6pm and Saturday 30th June 10-12pm for new ballet shoe sales.
Holiday Timetable
Wednesday Thursday and Friday of 2nd week of Holidays (11 – 14th July)

12 – 1.15pm: Primary – Grade 2 Ballet

1.15 – 3.30pm: Everyone (Grade 3 ballet and up/Grade 1 Modern and up)

3.30 – 5pm: Seniors (Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Ballet and Modern)

Saturday 15th July

12 – 2.30pm: Everyone (Primary – grade 2 ballet: 12 – 1.30pm) – FINALE PRACTISE AND FULL RUN THRU

Students need to come to rehearsal with healthy snacks, a water bottle, hair done correctly, and in their regulation gear. Make sure you bring your gear in a named bag. If you have to leave early, please speak with Peta or Jane. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING US!

  • A reminder that all students are expected to be at all rehearsals in the lead up to the show. It is not compulsory to be in the show, but if you are then you must attend rehearsals.
  • For the younger children we ask that a parent or caregiver checks in at the start and end of each rehearsal as we share important messages at these times.
  • Please don’t ask your child to wait outside for you, we would much prefer it if they waited inside with us where they are safe.
  • We would also prefer that parents don’t stay during rehearsal unless they are helping, most of you know how congested the studio gets with all the students rehearsing together!
Thank you in advance for your support on these matters 🙂
Show Marketing
Can you help with flyer drops?  Any parents able to help with flyer drops (perhaps whilst children are rehearsing).   It would be great to get some flyers out to the main carparks on a regular basis, hand out flyers to retail businesses around town or advertise our Show in your car by putting up a flyer on your window.  Please see Peta.
Does anybody have any other stella marketing ideas?  We would love to hear about them.

Warmest regards,
Peta Spooner

Show Registration

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Attached the Show Registration form.  Please note registration is accepted when your form and payment has been made.  Final date for registration is Wednesday 20th JuneThis is to enable dances and costumes to be finalised.
A reminder to jazz dancers that jazz shoes are part of the uniform and must be worn when required for the Show.  We will advise final date for ordering any uniforms in the next few days.
We will be having show t-shirts printed ($30).  Final cut off for orders will be Wednesday 20th June.   Hoping for delivery one week later.  There will be one run only.  Any queries, please email Peta.

Help Wanted: 2012 Show

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PART OF THE SUCCESS OF THIS YEAR’S SPECTACLE OF DANCE AND COLOUR? July will be here sooner than we can imagine and our dancers have already started working hard on their show dances. We want this year’s show to be the best and brightest as always and a highlight of our dancers, young and not so young, year! But the teachers and the dancers can’t do it all by themselves.


Over the next few weeks we will be asking for registrations, rehearsals will pick up momentum, advertising will start, and the all important costuming will be a focus for us all. We need a Class Co-ordinator for each class group to help make the build up to the show, and performances, run smoothly and make the whole show experience a fun, exciting and stress free time for dancers, teachers and their families too. (see the attached ‘job description’ for more details on what the co-ordinator’s role is) So if you have a dancer in any of these classes listed and would like to be involved in making this year’s show another resounding success let us know.

  • Primary Ballet
  • Grade 1 Ballet
  • Grade 2 Ballet
  • Grade 3 Ballet
  • Grade 4 Ballet
  • Grade 5 Ballet
  • Grade 6 Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Primary Modern
  • Grade 1 Modern
  • Grade 3 Modern
  • Grade 4 Modern
  • Grade 5 Modern
  • Intermediate Modern
  • Advanced 1 Ballet/Modern
  • Advanced 2 Ballet/Modern

Simply email Peta on or Marie Price on

And don’t worry if you aren’t able to be a class co-ordinator this time around we will still need plenty of volunteers to help with costuming design and creation (and not all of this creativity involves sewing!), backstage crew, dressing room helpers and party co-ordinators too.