For new parents…

You start by taking your 3 year old to dance class as something to fill an hour of her week and give her an outlet for her energy. She comes home from class and continues to dance around the house, wearing a few spare scarves from your cupboard or last years costume from the dress up box – asking every day there after “do I go to dance today?”

Baby Ballet

Next thing you know, you’re complaining about the hours spent driving back and forth to the studio, the later-than-you’d-like rehearsal (on a school night?), time sitting and waiting at the studio for classes to end when you have a million other places to be, and don’t even get me started on the money – tuition, shoes, master classes, shoes, fundraisers, shoes. Did I mention shoes?

You fret and worry that a “normal” childhood is passing her by. They’re not on the netball team, they’re not a runner or in the swim club. They’re rarely at the dinner table because they have a class almost every night of the week. Family holidays are planned around summer schools. But before you know it, they’ve danced their last concert and discarded their last pair of shoes and it’s all over too soon.

Pointe Shoes

When it’s all over and they’ve left the stage for the last time, will you remember the hours, the money, the worry of the physical toll? My guess is “NO”. You will remember the gifts dance has given them: the ability to prioritise and multitask, a strong, flexible body, the ability to handle pressure and last minute changes, and an appreciation for music not currently heard on the radio. You will be grateful you are sending your daughter/son out into the world with with a strong work ethic and long attention span.

You will have a great sense of peace knowing your daughter/son is part of a strong circle of friends equally capable of lifting one another up when the road is rough, as they are out celebrating one another’s triumphs. In the end, you can pat yourself on the back because taking them to that first dance class 15 years ago was one of the best parenting decisions you made.

– This originally appeared as a blog post on the Pennsylvania Regional Ballet site entitled “Confessions of a Former Dance Mom”

2018 Updates

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Happy New Year to you all! Please click to see the revised timetable for 2018. The only changes made are the Beginners and Grade 1/2 Tap classes (start time is slightly earlier). Please note that for term 3 & 4 these classes will change to a Tuesday (same times). Enrolment is on Thursday 25th January between 4.30 – 6pm…….look forward to seeing you there!! Hope you are all having a relaxing break

Summer Dance School

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Join us for our annual SUMMER DANCE SCHOOL!

MONDAY 23rd – FRIDAY 27th JANUARY 2017

We warmly welcome all students from ages 6+ to join us for a week of DANCE where you will be tutored in ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, creative movement and yoga by qualified and passionate teachers.

2016 Exam/Show dates

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Welcome to 2016 at Peta Spooner Academy of Dance and The Wakatu Dance Theatre.

We have two very important changes for this year:
1. After eight years, we have made an increase in the term fees- $120 per term per class, pre-school $70. See Fee structure on enrolment form.
2. Parents will be welcome to view your child’s class in the last week of each term. I’m happy to discuss with parents why we have made this decision.

A huge welcome to Austin Benjamin Gregory, Jane and Alistair’s baby boy!

Exams approx dates June/July and November 2016.
Show dates September 2016!!!!!!!!!

2016 start 2 Feb

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Enrolment day on Thursday the 28th of January, 4-6pm at the studio – looking forward to seeing you all there to find out your class details. This is a great time to have a chat with Peta, Jane and Valerie and ask questions – once classes are underway it’s quite hard to pin us down!  Classes begin 2 February after the Nelson Anniversary holiday.  Click here for the latest timetable.

Acc: 06-0705-0097359-00 For term fees only.

Teen Yoga

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Teen yoga is back! The lovely Breigh will be teaching the class for term one – Pioneers Park Hall on Wednesdays at 4.15pm – $120 for the term.

2015 Start 2 Feb

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Classes start on February 2nd with NO CLASSES on the 1st (Nelson Anniversary) or the 6th (Waitangi Day).

Our term 1 timetable is here.

You will find all dance classes and also Jane’s Dance Yoga Barre classes on the schedule.

Please note: All classes are subject to numbers which is why it is so important to enrol prior to the start date.

Get in touch or speak to us on enrolment day if you are unsure of which class/es to enrol for.