2012 Exams

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Congratulations to everyone on the success of our fantastic Show. Students, parents and supporters making it possible for this all to happen! No time for a holiday as we get ready for exams. Mid to late October are the expected dates. Our examiner will be coming from the UK so these dates will be confirmed closer to the time. Think carefully before entering! A minimum of 6 extra lessons will be compulsory. These will be a Friday or Saturday or combining some classes during the week. See more details below. Please note: There is a no refund policy. Planning exams with overseas examiners is costly and once booked are unable to be changed!

Examinations will be mid to late October 2012. Registration forms with costs will be at the Studio by the beginning of next week. Please complete form and hand into your teacher together with payment by cheque or cash. As per usual any additional lessons are an extra cost. Students must attend all extra lessons. Keep your teacher informed of any commitment that might interfere with your attendance please.

Exam costs: all entries and payments are due by 31 August 2012.

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