Ballet & Modern Examinations

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Exam registration forms will be at the Studio by the beginning of next week. Depending on entries, the approximate dates for exams is as follows:

  • all Ballet grades and any modern jazz grades – Oct/Nov 2013
    note: we cannot be more specific as the examiner coming out to NZ determines this.
    We will advise you as soon as we know.
  • Majors only – 7/8 December 2013

* Extra classes will start 2nd week of school holidays – Tues-Fri, 8–11 Oct 2013 and charged separately.
* Entries must be in by Friday 27 September 2013, last day of term.

Please make sure you think carefully before registering for exams. It is another big commitment and extra classes are compulsory and charged accordingly. (note additional class charges will be charged separately to exam fees). Please make sure you are clear on all requirements before registering for these exams.


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