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Fees are payable at the beginning of each term and are “per term” fee, not per class attended.

All classes, 45 minutes $110 term
Half hour private lesson $30
Casual Class fee $16

pinkshoesMissed Classes

The fees apply for the entire term and do not change if classes are missed or unattended. This means there are no deductions in the following term for any missed classes in the current term.

Cancelled Classes

It is with our best endeavor that we try to ensure there is no need to cancel classes. However, in the unfortunate event where a class is cancelled, wherever possible this class will be rescheduled for a later date.


Accounts are payable in advance on a per term basis. Accounts are preferably paid by direct debit but may also be paid by cash or cheque.

Late Accounts

Any issues with your accounts should be made known immediately. Any accounts more than 21 days overdue, and no alternative arrangement for payment has been made will be liable for a late payment fee of $20.00 per month.

Discontinuation of Classes

Once a student is enrolled we require two weeks notice of cancellation. For the consideration of everyone, we also require notice if you wish to drop or change any classes in the forthcoming term.

Exam Fees

Exam fees for both Modern Jazz and Ballet will only be accepted if term fees have been paid. Exam fees must be paid prior to the exam and by the date specified at the time.

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