Bring a friend on Thursday…

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Welcome back!  We are hoping to see you all at our enrolment day this Thursday.  It may be a good time to have a chat about the classes you should be taking, feel free to bring a friend!   Please take care to read our 2013 Enrolment form carefully before you fill it in.

We will be tightening up on finances this year, so please think carefully when selecting your classes and committing to classes, exams and shows.  If you have any issues you need to discuss, please do this prior to making your class commitments.

There is a year planner up on the Studio 1 noticeboard.  We will add anything up and coming as we know about it.  Please note the exams dates are always around June/July and November each year, we do not no specific dates until closer to the time.

Look forward to seeing you at enrolment day!

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