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ATTENTION PRE SCHOOL FAMILIES: A reminder of the change to Pre School class times

  • Thursday 1pm class is now at 1.30pm
  • Thursday 1.30pm class now joins with the class at 2pm

Extra classes for exams: These will continue every Saturday (including Labour Saturday and Monday) until exams on the 18 and 19 of November.

  • 10am: Grade 1 Ballet
  • 10.30am: Grade 2 Ballet
  • 11.15am: Grade 3 Ballet
  • 12pm: Grade 6 Ballet
  • 12.45pm: Intermediate Ballet
  • 2pm: Advanced 1 Ballet and Intermediate Modern
  • 3pm: Advanced 2 Ballet and Advanced 1 Modern (please note time change)

Make sure you have checked you have the correct uniform including suitable shoes.

Exam Timetable for Monday 18th November

Ballet Grades  Monday 18th November

  • 9am Grade 6 Ballet: Melany Malcolm, Pippilota Rollin,
  • 9.30am Grade 6 Ballet: Yasmina Coe, Gracie Fairhall, Charlotte Halsey
  • 10am Grade 2 Ballet: Jessica Collinson-Smith, Malika Rai, Katie Devine
  • 10.20am Grade 2 Ballet: Georgia Brace-Gardiner, Maia Devereaux, Lola King
  • 10.40am: Morning Tea
  • 10.55am Grade 1 Ballet: Kaitlin Little, Aolani Shaw-Hirst, Sophia Molnar
  • 11.10am Grade 1 Ballet: Ariana Marr, Sophie Lyons, Danni Kemp, Ada Wilson-Keen
  • 11.30am Grade 3 Ballet: Sophie Thomas, Charlotte McLaren, Ocean Collinson-Smith
  • 11.55am Grade 3 Ballet: Lizzie Neale, Sophie-Rose Richards, Ella Arnold
  • 12.20pm Grade 3 Ballet: Lily Partington, Mia Partington, Talia Addison-Saipe
  • 12.45pm Lunch

Thank you to the children who attended extra holiday classes, you did a great job; and to the parents for your support and enthusiasm.

Special note to Advanced 1 and 2 Ballet students: You are invited to an open class with the examiner on Tuesday 19th November at 5.15 – 6.45pm. Please bring $10 cash on the night to go towards the examiner’s fee and confirm your attendance with Jane or Peta as soon as possible.

Jane’s Yoga classes continue this term – Power Yoga Tuesday 5pm and Thursday 6pm. Also teen Yoga for 10 – 17 yr olds on Monday 3.30 – 4.15pm.  Jane has a variety of Yoga and Barre classes for adults and has a fun and informative Facebook page with all her class details on it. Search for Jane Pascoe Dance Yoga Barre on Facebook.

Kind regards,  Peta Spooner

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