Caribbean quest a magnet for pirates

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BLOODTHIRSTY: George Stevenson, 4, of Tahunanui, gets into his role during Saturday night's Jamaica 2009 Fundraiser.

Pirates ran riot in Nelson on Saturday night. They were after treasure argh, lots of it to take to the Caribbean.

They were looking for $100,000, so that 16 dancing children, eight parents and three teachers from the Wakatu Dance Theatre can get to Jamaica for the Unesco Dance and the Child International festival in August.

Sword-fighting George Stevenson was in the thick of the tug-of-war battle and treasure hunt on Saturday. The four-year-old has been a pirate for two years and is known to sleep in his pirate’s hat.

The pirate riot raised $1500, which will be added to the treasure trove of $35,000 raised so far. That will allow $2000 for each child to get to Kingston. According to “Kash ’em in” Kate Burton, who is a dance teacher, one pirate parent was heard to say the night was such fun they should do it every Saturday, in response to which the other parents collapsed, exhausted.

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