Help Wanted: 2012 Show

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE PART OF THE SUCCESS OF THIS YEAR’S SPECTACLE OF DANCE AND COLOUR? July will be here sooner than we can imagine and our dancers have already started working hard on their show dances. We want this year’s show to be the best and brightest as always and a highlight of our dancers, young and not so young, year! But the teachers and the dancers can’t do it all by themselves.


Over the next few weeks we will be asking for registrations, rehearsals will pick up momentum, advertising will start, and the all important costuming will be a focus for us all. We need a Class Co-ordinator for each class group to help make the build up to the show, and performances, run smoothly and make the whole show experience a fun, exciting and stress free time for dancers, teachers and their families too. (see the attached ‘job description’ for more details on what the co-ordinator’s role is) So if you have a dancer in any of these classes listed and would like to be involved in making this year’s show another resounding success let us know.

  • Primary Ballet
  • Grade 1 Ballet
  • Grade 2 Ballet
  • Grade 3 Ballet
  • Grade 4 Ballet
  • Grade 5 Ballet
  • Grade 6 Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Primary Modern
  • Grade 1 Modern
  • Grade 3 Modern
  • Grade 4 Modern
  • Grade 5 Modern
  • Intermediate Modern
  • Advanced 1 Ballet/Modern
  • Advanced 2 Ballet/Modern

Simply email Peta on or Marie Price on

And don’t worry if you aren’t able to be a class co-ordinator this time around we will still need plenty of volunteers to help with costuming design and creation (and not all of this creativity involves sewing!), backstage crew, dressing room helpers and party co-ordinators too.


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