Show Notice – 5 weeks to go

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The countdown is on to our Show on 5-7 September.  We have 5 weeks to go! This is the final show notice being emailed out to the entire studio.  FINAL DAY TO REGISTER IS THURSDAY 8TH AUGUST.  After Saturday if you have not registered and paid for the Show you will not be receiving these emails.  Please check on the Noticeboard in Studio 1 to make sure you are registered!.

FAQ about the Show (pdf file)


We have assigned a main coordinator to each group.  This is your main contact from now through to the Show.  The will be in touch with you after the weekend.

  • Group A – Preschool Ballet
  • Group B – Primary & Grade 1 Ballet
  • Group C – Grades 2, 3/4 & 5 Ballet and Grade 1 Jazz
  • Group D – Grade 4 Jazz and Grade 6 Ballet
  • Group E – Grade 5 & Intermediate Ballet and Intermediate Jazz
  • Group F – Seniors (Advanced 1 & 2)
  • Group G – Upper Moutere

Sign In/Sign Out Sheets

From this week there will be a list up for you to sign in and out at each practise. Please ensure you do this!  It is also a good habit for when we get into the Theatre, where it is a safety requirement and must be followed!

Rehearsals – Now To The Show!

  1. Weekdays – as advised by your teacher
  2. Saturdays (10, 17, 24, 31 August)
  •  12 – 1pm – Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G
  •  1pm  –  Groups A & B can go home
  •  1 – 2.30pm  –  Groups C, D, E, F, G
  •  2.30 – 3pm  –  Group F and/or any other groups requiring extra work.

NOTE:  Sundays may be required for seniors if needed.

Week of the Show

Monday & Tuesday (2 & 3rd Sept) 5pm sharp.

Rehearsals will be at the Theatre Royal.  Please come to the back door of the Theatre and SIGN IN!  A reminder that parents are not allowed upstairs unless an assigned helper for the night.  Groups A & B will be handed over to the helper on the night and returned back downstairs to SIGN OUT and released back to parents.

General Uniform Requirements for Show

Girls: Regulation navy blue leotard (Preschool – Grade 6 Ballet), Regulation black leotard (Intermediate and up Ballet), Pink tights, Pink ballet shoes – elastic, no ribbons
* Jazz dances require – black jazz shoes (must have black elastic, no laces), black jazz leggings full length, NOT 3/4.
* Grade 5 ballet and up – a bodysuit is required to be worn underneath many costumes.

Boys: White or black ballet shoes with matching elastic, White socks, Black jazz shoes (black elastic, no laces), White and/or black leotard or top black jazz pants or leggings.

NOTE:  If you are in jazz dances you are required to wear the correct uniform.  Please see your coordinator if you have any queries.

Final day for ordering uniform items for the Show is 16 August.
Please email Marie on:
For ballet shoes contact Sonia Malpas at Pointe of Difference on: 027 268 1888


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