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Hi everybody,
To follow are a few notices regarding the Show.  Please read carefully.  Any queries please email or phone either Peta or Jane:

Registration – Reminder that cut off for Show registration is this  Wednesday 20th June!  Registration will only be accepted with payment.
Tickets – tickets are now on sale at The Theatre Royal and online at Ticket Direct through The Theatre Royal website.  Please note additional fee if purchasing online.  The Theatre box office is open daily from 9-5.30pm.
Expressions of Interest – Calling all men for Waltz of the Flowers!  Please feel free to nominate anyone you think is interested in having some fun and getting involved.
Uniform Orders – Marie will be at the Studio this Sunday morning (24th June) 10-12 for second hand shoe sales and leotards, tights and jazz shoes etc.  NB:  This will be the final order before the show!!!!!  Sonia will be at the Studio on Friday 29th June 4-6pm and Saturday 30th June 10-12pm for new ballet shoe sales.
Holiday Timetable
Wednesday Thursday and Friday of 2nd week of Holidays (11 – 14th July)

12 – 1.15pm: Primary – Grade 2 Ballet

1.15 – 3.30pm: Everyone (Grade 3 ballet and up/Grade 1 Modern and up)

3.30 – 5pm: Seniors (Advanced 1 and Advanced 2 Ballet and Modern)

Saturday 15th July

12 – 2.30pm: Everyone (Primary – grade 2 ballet: 12 – 1.30pm) – FINALE PRACTISE AND FULL RUN THRU

Students need to come to rehearsal with healthy snacks, a water bottle, hair done correctly, and in their regulation gear. Make sure you bring your gear in a named bag. If you have to leave early, please speak with Peta or Jane. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT TELLING US!

  • A reminder that all students are expected to be at all rehearsals in the lead up to the show. It is not compulsory to be in the show, but if you are then you must attend rehearsals.
  • For the younger children we ask that a parent or caregiver checks in at the start and end of each rehearsal as we share important messages at these times.
  • Please don’t ask your child to wait outside for you, we would much prefer it if they waited inside with us where they are safe.
  • We would also prefer that parents don’t stay during rehearsal unless they are helping, most of you know how congested the studio gets with all the students rehearsing together!
Thank you in advance for your support on these matters 🙂
Show Marketing
Can you help with flyer drops?  Any parents able to help with flyer drops (perhaps whilst children are rehearsing).   It would be great to get some flyers out to the main carparks on a regular basis, hand out flyers to retail businesses around town or advertise our Show in your car by putting up a flyer on your window.  Please see Peta.
Does anybody have any other stella marketing ideas?  We would love to hear about them.

Warmest regards,
Peta Spooner

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