Jane Pascoe

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  • F.I.D.T.A-Modern Jazz
  • L.I.D.T.A-Ballet
  • A.I.D.T.A-Theatre Craft
  • A.I.D.T.A-Freestyle
  • Dance Exercise Diploma (Hons)

With over 10 years of training and experience behind her Jane Pascoe is qualified to teach Modern Jazz, Classical Ballet, Theatre Craft, Power Yoga, Dance Exercise and Freestyle Dance.

Jane holds Fellowships in Modern Jazz and Classical Ballet. This is the highest teaching qualification obtainable in dance. Professional development is something Jane is totally committed to. It adds to the quality of teaching that is passed onto her students.

Jane’s breadth of experience ranges from Pre School to adults for recreation and professional Training and in 2011 she added Power Yoga to her list  of teaching qualifications. Her dance students and the wider community have responded enthusiastically to these classes and she is excited about the prospect of its future growth.

Jane currently teaches in Nelson, Richmond and Upper Moutere, along with schools and the wider community. The environment that is fostered throughout all the classes is quite unique; something Jane has taken from her training at Peta Spooner Academy of Dance.

Newcomers are always welcome.

Contact Jane for more information on Dance and Yoga classes in the areas she teaches in.

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