Peta Spooner

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  • Examiner International Dance Teachers Association
  • F.I.D.T.A.Ballet
  • F.D.T.A.Mod/Jazz
  • F.I.D.T.A. Freestyle, Dance Ex. Dip (Hons)
  • A.I.S.T.D. Mod. (London)
  • Assoc. Dip. I.S.T.D. (Cecchetti) Ballet

While excellence is my goal, I strive to provide a positive learning environment for all students to enjoy.

My intention is for everybody to achieve, have the opportunity to perform, and to become an appreciative audience for others.

I pass on to all my teachers I train, my philosophy of integrity and fairness.

I am always extremely proud of my students, both past and present for their achievements.

My hope is for each student’s life to be richer for this experience.

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